Are the 18V Arctic Cove batteries compatible with RYOBI ONE+?

Yes, it is compatible with the MBF0181, MBF018BTN, MLT0180 and the MPK1180

Can I extend my 18V Portable Misting kit?

Yes, you can extend the kit up to 44ft or double the length or the original kit. All of the connectors and tubing are available on or for purchase.

How can I charge my MBF018/MBF0181 Arctic Cove Bucket Top Misting Fan battery faster?

This unit is compatible with RYOBI ONE+. You can charge the battery in 30 minutes with a RYOBI ONE+ P117 Charger.

Can the Polar Party, MLT0180 can be linked to another Polar Party and play a song from the same smartphone?

No, you cannot link two units to one phone.

How long will my Polar Party run for if I am playing music, misting, and using the light?

Approximately 90 minutes. Using the RYOBI ONE+ P108 you can get approximately 5 hours of runtime.

My smart phone won’t connect with the Polar Party to play music?

Make sure that the Polar Party has a battery in it and the Bluetooth is turned on. Also make sure that your smartphone has Bluetooth turned on. You should see Polar Party populated in your list of Bluetooth devices. Simply connect with it on your phone and start playing music.

I lost my nozzle?

A replacement 5 pack brass nozzle can be purchased online at or at These nozzles will fit all units. Except the MAC3820HP High Pressure misting kit.

Do your misting kits fit on a wood pergola?

Yes! They can be attached with nail clamps, sold as an accessory pack of five (5) at or

My Rechargeable Mister MBPM016 unit won’t prime?

Allow unit to sit flat and run continuously for up to 25 minutes. Once primed, it will prime within 10 seconds each time after that!

How long will ice last in my Arctic Cove Cooler?

5 to 7 days.

How many cans will my Arctic Cove Cooler hold?

12 cans.

Is there a way to lock my Arctic Cove Cooler?

Yes, the cooler features a 1/4” diameter hole to accommodate a standard padlock for added security.